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For one I’m terrified of this game....NO ONE SHOULD PLAY! There has been so many news alerts and warning about this game because of a Girl who committed suicide after feeling stressed because of this game....It was said she felt like she was still in the game in real life until she couldn’t take it....After that I was Terrified....I would never recommend this game...BEWARE!!!!

The game is amazing👌🏻✨👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✨👌🏻

😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love this game 😍✨And excited for the next part too 🌚❤️❤️❤️❤️It's not scary at all, it's beautiful

Don’t installed at all -ً لا تحمل اللعبة إطلاقا

اذا كنت اب ابعدها عن اولادك! ، او عمرك اقل من ١٨ لا تحملها رجاء هذه اللعبة مخيفة وقد تظرك بدون اي منطق كلها كذب ولا يتتبعك ولا تكن عبد لطلبات هذه اللعبة السخيفة. If you are a father who is far from your children. You are under 18 years of age. Do not carry this scary game. You may see it without any logic. It is all lies and does not follow you. Do not be slave to the demands of this silly game.



Not creepy

There were a lot of theories about this game, but I did not see anything terrifying about the maryam ‘s creature thinking of using the voices and the questions and answers that were made to try to scare the playing field, which was largely unsuccessful, of course, for a normal people, these scary things, but for Active in occlut not at all✌🏻😪

جميللللللللله جداً

فيها رعب وتشويق وأتمنى ما يقفلون




من اسخخففففف الالعاب اللي جربتها ف حياتي مالها هدف ف الحياة .. بس حبيت الموسيقى ويش اسمها 🌚

من الاخير

اللعبة احداثها ممتعه جداً استمتعت فيها بشكل مو طبيعي


لعبة جميلة ومسليه

‏لعبة مرة حلوة


اللعبة عادية



انها لعبة جميله جدا احبك مريم انا كاكا




The music is pretty weird. It’s interesting to play. I’m not dead yet, but if i die, my parents’ll sue you😂


لعبه تافهه و فاشلة.

Very good

Very good dlslskcos




اسمج من كذا ماشفت

Very bad game

This game is terrible and i don't recommend it especially for children. It encourages you to inflict self harm.

good game

Good game


Good game


it’s not even creepy it’s just a random story. i played for about an hour and was bored out of my mind the whole time the only reason i kept going was because i thought it would get better but it didn’t. and it takes so long to change between text to text like you’ll read it and have to sit there awkwardly for a while waiting for the next text to appear. seriously just completely random stuff happens the whole time and it progresses so slowly so do not download this game it’s not worth your time.


لعبة سخيفة وفارغة بلا معنى

علي دجاجة

العبة جميلة جدا

This Is An ALARM

Pls REMOVE this bad game pls DON’T download it... Ist DANGEROUS.



This game is creepy but good

There are some problems with grammar but otherwise it’s is amazing it just gives you a unsettling feeling when playing I do recommend if you are bored with nothing better to do

العبه حلوه اتمنا ينزلون جزا ٤،٥،٦،٧،٨،٩

العبه حلوه واتمنا ينزلون اجزا وشكرا

Stupid game

Sooooooo stupid



لعبة جميلة لكن الإنتظار يفقد متعة اللعبة 👎

لعبة جميلة لكن إنتظار الجزء اللي بعده لفترة طويلة سيء جداً ويفقد متعة اللعبة 👎 هذا الإنتظار الثاني إذا تستمروا على هذه الطريقة راح احذف اللعبة بعد الإنتظار الثالث ✋ الألعاب للتسلية والترويح عن النفس في أوقات الفراغ بدون وقت محدد وأنتم تقول كأنك حاجز موعد في دائرة حكومية أو بنك ومنتظر رقمك ويوم الموعد 😕

علم نفس

اللعبة لا تناسب الاطفال فهي تعزز جوانب نفسيه سيئة قد تؤثر عليهم مستقبلاً حفظ الله اطفالكم من كل مكروه

لعبة سخيفه واقترح على شركة ابل ازالتها من المتجر

Very bad and ugly and dummy game wasting time and I suggest to App Store department to remove this game and give the developer warning message for this bad game thank you


مريم لعبة جميلة لطيفة وتستمتع في لعبها ولعبة مغامرة تحياتي الكي يا مريم

Good, but....

When I get to the part where is says to take a screenshot I press ok and the game restarts from the beginning, other than that really good game


اصلن اللي عامل اللعبة هذي محتاج علاج نفسي 🤪 لانه كان مضطهد في صغرة ولما كبر حب ينتقم مسكين ياعيني تعال اجر لك حليب امك من تاني


اهنئكم على العبه اخوك سعد


That game is really good and beautiful

Amazing and creepy!

This game was so interesting! I sat down for two hours just playing it and my sister thought I was a little crazy! It’s so creepy! I can’t wait for more to come out!!! I think Mariam could put us in a trap soon though.. she did trick us and say she wanted to hurt us and that’s why.. I don’t trust Mariam but it is such a creative story and I love it! 5 Stars!!

Kills kids

BE CAREFUL, this game killed some kids to continue to another level. Last one، he was suicide who killed himself in Saudi Arabia. He was nine years old and it is terrible if this game wasn’t removed from the app. Please check for your kids apps. BAD GAME

Bad game

It’s very bad and stupid game


احترسوا منها

وين باقي العبه مافي جزء تاني

وين باقي العبه مافي جزء تاني

Best game ever

The most game and the best game I love is mariam




I can’t even play it because it will play creepy music then crash and exit me out of the app....


5 stars


متى ينزل الجزء الخامس ارجو الرد

Not bad

For sure it was not scary at all,and It continues for long time and reverse from the first !

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